Email address

To avoid spam, I have intentionally obfuscated my email address using various techniques, you can pick whichever of the following methods you would rather use to reverse the obfuscation.

The interesting methods

Unix Shell

This one is easy, run the following command in a Unix shell, and my email address will be magically revealed.

echo 'th4tjhq2bn' | tr 'a-z42' 'h-mu-zn-ta-g@.'

Caesar Cipher

A simple Caesar Cipher, but with a modified "alphabet" to add characters required for my email address.

Plain:      abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-_.@
Key:        18 (left shift)
Ciphertext: mdlmfd@ku-
Need a hint?
Cipher: mnopqrstuvwxyz-_.@abcdefghijkl

The boring methods

Instructions & construction

  1. Combine the initials of my fore- and surname.
  2. Add an @
  3. Add my website domain name.


If you have a GitHub account and are logged in, you should be able to view my email address by visiting my profile.