Software Projects


Vivid is a Vim plugin manager, built to be minimal, fast and efficient. Vivid provides Vim users with simple, but powerful tools, which allow them to fine tune exactly when their plugins should be enabled.


An attempt to create a simple database engine and RDBMS which stores the table data in text files, using the CSV format.


A minimal Org-mode plugin for Vim. It provides only the absolute necessities (e.g. syntax highlighting and folding) at a high standard.

Code Dump

A repository of random code, programming notes and project assets I have created, ranging from experiments to fully functioning programs.

Hardware Projects

8-Bit Homebrew Computer

As part of my quest to learn how computers actually work, I'm attempting to design and build a "simple" 8-bit computer completely from scratch.

Cheap Thermoelectric Generator

Building a Thermoelectric generator as cheaply as possible, capable of charging a mobile phone, using the Seebeck Effect.