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Project timeline

This is a list of all my projects.  Lots of small bits of code I've wrote over the years have been archived within my code dump repository. 


2020 – Present

Vim runtime files for Clojure.  This project was a fork of vim-clojure-static to continue maintenance. 

COVID-19 lockdown.  2020-03



Zepl is a lightweight, simple and easy to use REPL integration package for Vim 8.1+ and Neovim.  It provides a small set of key bindings and commands to start and interact with a running REPL. 


2020 – Present

The flexible Markdown control for Xamarin.Forms. 


2019 – 2020

Ascribe is a standard for software development tools (specifically editors) to retrieve and handle information on the various files within a project through the .gitattributes file already found in many software projects. 

It is essentially a simpler alternative to EditorConfig. 


2019 – 2020

An elegant, dark colour scheme with minimal syntax highlighting for Vim. 

Photon is a low-contrast colour scheme, which cares about the little details.  It is based on an old version of paramount and is designed to look exactly the same on 256 colour terminals as it does on true colour terminals. 

Finished apprenticeship, stayed on.  2019-02


2018 – 2020

Org.vim is a minimal Org mode and Outline mode plugin for Vim providing only syntax highlighting and folding. 


2018 – 2019Archived

An attempt to create a simple database engine and RDBMS which stores the table data in text files, using the CSV format.  A learning project to learn how databases, SQL and compilers. 

Fourth computer (Dell XPS 13 9370).  2018-01-24

First job (apprentice software developer).  2017-11-13

Code Dump

2017 – Present

An archive of random code, programming notes and project assets I have created over the years, ranging from experiments to fully functioning programs. 


2017 – Present

This website was created.  Didn't look anything like it does now though. 


2017 – 2018Archived

This version of Vivid was a rewrite of "Vivid-Legacy"; it's goals changed a lot over the course of development.  Originally it was supposed to be a cleaner and faster version of Vundle and make use of the Vim's new packages feature.  Later it evolved into a "meta-plugin manager" where it acted as a plugin manager for plugins (for dependency management).  Eventually I backtracked on that idea and stripped it down completely releasing the final version in late 2018.  Shortly after, I stopped using Vivid and switched to manually using Vim's native package management. 


2017 – Present

A collection of configuration files and scripts I've created for programming and more. 



This was my second programming project; I had been using Vim for a while and was particularly interested in how the plugin management side worked.  After a couple of failed attempts to build a plugin manager, I forked Vundle (which had been stagnant since 2014) and began making minor tweaks. 

Eventually I found that I would need to write one from scratch to get what I wanted.  That rewrite inherited the name "Vivid", and this version became "Vivid-Legacy". 

ALIS (Arch Linux Installation Script)


ALIS was an Arch Linux installer.  This was my first proper programming project.  I started it because the installer I had previously been using (Architect Linux) had just stopped development and I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about Linux systems and programming by writing my own version of the installer from scratch. 

Began learning Vim.  2016-09

Thermoelectric generator (TEG)

2015 – 2016

While taking part in a mini survival-like competition as a teenager, I thought it would be interesting to see if it was possible to efficiently generate electricity on a tiny budget.  The end result was capable of charging a mobile phone. 

First computer science class.  2015-09

Third computer (Dell Latitude D630).  2015-06

Second computer (Raspberry Pi 2 Model B).  2015-05-25

First computer (Raspberry Pi 1 Model B rev. 1.2).  2014-05-25